We’re into health

So much so that we’re here solely to explore innovative digital outcomes for healthcare in Australia. We passionately believe that hospitals, medtech, allied health, health startups, medical practices and others in the space can achieve excellent outcomes through digital solutions.

We bring our wealth of experience and expertise in digital to the health space. The Tadashi approach involves our capabilities across three key disciplines which we call – discovery & learning, marketing & creative and technology & solution.

  • Discovery /

    • We get to know your organisation and the problems you’re facing through a process of discovery and learning. Depending on what's required, this area of work can involve one or a combination of activities, including -

  • Marketing &

    • When we talk about creative, we’re talking about the disciplines of marketing and creative work. Depending on what your needs are, we may suggest one or a combination of creative solutions, from a brand book right through to a website design. We primarily focus on these five areas -

  • Solution /

    • As a digital agency, one of our core capabilities is the development and implementation of digital products – and our combined experience and expertise range from relatively simple website builds through to complex web platforms for some of Australia’s most known brands

Our sole focus is bringing digital improvements to health. We work exclusively with clients in the health space, on projects designed to update and advance the industry with our digital knowledge. Tadashi is a unique name, learn our story and how we came to be in this article.

We have a shared passion for changing the face of health provision in Australia, one byte at a time. Our inherent creativity, technical know-how and analytical nature equips us to spot opportunities for positive change.

Essentially, we champion better digital thinking in health. We introduce knowledge, experience and strategies to transform the way the health industry engages with digital and ultimately, their audience.

Working across three key capabilities above, we get to know the intricacies of your organisation and customise a solution to suit your needs. We can lead and support the transition, right from consultation through to implementation.

Our focus on health means we have a deep understanding of the industry challenges and can add real value across our capabilities, at any point during the journey.

We’re ready to see practitioners move on from the era of the faxed paper trail and traditional communications, and work to improve both the efficiency of health providers and how they engage with patients. We see these digital technologies as a way of empowering organisations to speak to their audience in better, more efficient, ways.

The result? A better experience across the Australian healthcare system for everyone

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