29 Oct 2019

Accessible presentations through inclusive design

Ensure everyone gets the most out of your presentation with inclusive design.

Accessibility guidelines should not only be considered when thinking of websites – they also make a big impact on presentations. Presenters, conferences, workshops and meetups also should consider if everyone in the audience is getting the same experience. 

Smashing Magazine’s article outlines a few useful tips to consider when preparing for a presentation, so you can ensure everyone hears you speak and understands the details on the screen. 

The article covers in detail how you can: 

  1. Create accessible slides
  2. Present in an engaging and inclusive way
  3. What to do after the presentation.

Your presentation’s slide content, design and overall delivery will all affect how well your message is communicated and understood by the audience. 

Being mindful of subtle changes and accessibility considerations can help deliver a better experience to all attendees. 

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