05 Nov 2019

Australian Government, building better digital services

The Government’s Digital Transformation Agency has released new tools for better digital services.

The Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) of Australia has released three products to help the government provide better online experiences and services. 

The government agency redesigned the DTA’s website shopfront into beta so it’s easier to use and understand. Updates include: 

  • Improved navigation 
  • Rewritten content 
  • Merging multiple health websites into one 
  • Ensuring adherence to best practice
  • Restructured content so it’s easier to find. 

It has also updated its Digital Guides with best practice standards to help guide agencies through the process and be better set up for success. The Digital Guide helps agencies and web designers meet the Digital Service Standard. 

The purpose of their new tools is to create a more accessible experience for everyone and to make it easier for agencies to be more inclusive. 

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