08 Oct 2019

How to get accessibility onto your agenda

4 steps to get your business on-board with accessibility.

Ensuring your website is accessible to everyone is essential to all businesses. However, getting your organisation to prioritise inclusive design can be challenging. 

UX Collective’s article outlines four easy steps to put accessibility on your agenda. 

Get everyone involved

Bring together a diversity of experiences and skillsets so everyone can contribute.  

Raise awareness

Invest in training to raise awareness on the importance of accessibility, and share team knowledge. 

Think small 

Small changes go a long way to making an impact. Start small, such as adjusting colours to meet AA contrast guidelines. 

Make it easy 

Take the guess work out and utilise libraries of accessibility-friendly design tools. 

Accessibility is particularly paramount for the healthcare industry. Tadashi is passionate about accessibility — talk to us about how to get it onto your agenda. 

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