08 Nov 2019

Patients and Privacy. GDPR compliance in Healthcare

New patient privacy policies set by General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The European Union’s Generation Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) authority has created a new standard for data privacy with patients. 

Its stringent new policies outline how healthcare organisations can collect, process and secure personal data. Healthcare organisations typically handle sensitive data, from health insurance information to biometric data and patient test results. 

Trend Micro’s article outlines the critical need for healthcare organisations like public or private hospitals to adhere to the regulations, in order to protect patient privacy against cybersecurity threats.  

It highlights how the healthcare industry is a prime target for cyberattacks – with everything from business email compromise schemes (BEC) to data breaches. 

The top areas of concern include: 

  • Rights for data subjects to be forgotten 
  • Cybercriminals preying on unique and sensitive data – using methods like phishing, malicious spam and ransomware
  • Exposed devices in homes and enterprises with confidential patient information, test results and medical images falling in the hands of hackers
  • Looking for supply chain compromise to protect from third-party breaches. 

Australia’s healthcare industry faces the same threats and should aim for best practice standards to protect against cybersecurity. Talk to Tadashi today to get a better understanding of data privacy and how to include it in your digital strategy.  

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