12 Nov 2019

Video marketing for healthcare organisations

Cisco predicts that by 2020, over 80% of online traffic will be video content.

Cisco’s Visual Networking Index predicts a shift to more video content in the coming years. Cobb Digital’s article outlines how we can prepare for this shift and drive value with more video content. 

Video content can be a powerful tool for showing off a hospital’s unique services, sharing patient stories and feedback on care they’ve provided. 

Video provides a unique opportunity to humanise and personalise the patient relationship with medical professionals. People may search for: 

  • Profile pieces on doctors
  • In-depth procedure information
  • High-impact patient testimonials. 

Video content should be tied back to the overarching marketing strategy, including your website and email marketing. 

Incorporating video content on your website can have a positive impact on web retention rates – with over 79% of customers continuing to browse the website after watching a video and 63% talking to others about information learnt. 

Videos offer a user-friendly alternative to text heavy, technical information on websites – giving users a quick and engaging way to find answers. 

Talk to Tadashi to learn more about how you can use videos in your digital strategy.  

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