We bring our wealth of experience and expertise in digital to the health space. The Tadashi approach involves our capabilities across three key disciplines which we refer to as – discovery & learning, marketing & creative and technology & solution.

Discovery & Learning

We get to know your organisation and the problems you’re facing through a process of discovery and learning. Depending on what's required, this area of work can involve one or a combination of activities, including Workshops, Interviews, Audits, Research, Documentation and Training.


Have whiteboard markers, will travel. Running workshops with clients are often our first opportunity to ask the big questions and uncover the problems you’re facing. Having key stakeholders in the room, focussed on a common goal, is a real value-for-money way to kick off a new project.


Often done one on one, in groups, or online. Interviews can vary depending on what we are trying to discover - stakeholder and internal interviews, through to user interviews and testing to gain external insight.


At Tadashi, auditing forms part of the discovery phase that we can take you through at the beginning of any project, and is an essential part of the process. Auditing will help you shine a light on your business or organisation and gain clarity on where you stand.


Research can take many forms across digital projects in health - let us work with you to uncover insights into your brand, marketing, content, strategy and digital product builds.


Tangeable, valuable documentation is a key deliverable for Tadashi - from wireframes to digital roadmaps to user research to functional specifications and tenders - we understand the need for clear documentation to inform decisions and produce great digital outcomes in health.


We love to share our knowledge through training - whether its one on one, small groups, larger sessions or online - Tadashi can train team members in your organisation around any facet of our digital capabilities.

Marketing & Creative

When we talk about creative, we’re talking about the disciplines of marketing and creative work. Depending on what your needs are, we may suggest one or a combination of creative solutions, from a brand book right through to a website design. We primarily focus on these five areas - Strategy, Branding, Content, Visual Design and Communications.


For business owners and decision makers in health, creating clear strategies (and developing strategic thinking) can be incredibly valuable – Tadashi have the expertise to help with a range of strategy work, its one of our favourite things to do.


Your brand is what defines your organisation as different from other businesses. We can help you uncover and articulate the personality and voice of your brand and create a brand guide that lays the foundation for how you communicate your organisation to the public.


Content is a vehicle for the message you want to deliver to your audience. It’s important that it’s consistent and on brand so you can engage effectively with your patients and customers - Tadashi can work with you through all facets of content creation.

Visual Design

Visual design is how you'll communicate your brand to you audience, visually. Our roots are in visual design, from logo and style guides to website and app design - we're excited to work in the health space continually improving the way organisations communicate visually.


Marketing and communications looks to define what you’re saying, who you’re saying it to, and on what channels (website, social, email) - through strategic planning and automation, you’ll know exactly what’s going out to your audience and when.

Technology & Solution

As a digital consultancy, one of our core capabilities is the development and implementation of digital products – websites, apps and platforms – and our combined experience and expertise range from relatively simple website builds through to complex web platforms for some of Australia’s most known brands.


Although Tadashi focus on building and maintaining websites for clients in health, we bring our toolkit of technical know how from a decade of successful implementation of website projects through Otaku Digital.


Using apps in health can bring great value in delivering innovative functioanlity to the hands of the user - literally - but also brings technical overhead and unique challenges which need to be carefully considered.


Web platforms are an area where Tadashi can bring the most technical value to projects in health - we work with organisations to build and implement well considered, cohesive and functional experience to users.

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