For business owners and decision makers in health, creating clear strategies (and developing strategic thinking) can be incredibly valuable – Tadashi have the expertise to help with a range of strategy work, it’s one of our favourite things to do.

Strategy is a crucial step, and will drive the digital process, aligning your organisation’s goals and your users’ needs with the solutions you develop. The digital strategy needs to be outlined before diving into product development, as it will determine the overall direction you’ll take and provide a roadmap to get there. 

What should you include in your roadmap? What do you want to achieve online? Who are your audiences and where do they go online? Do you need a content strategy? What will make your online presence a success? How will you measure it? How should your online presence be managed? Will it include video? Who should do what? How much will it cost and how long will it take? Do you have a well-defined strategy for social media? What about accessibility?

We have written a load of articles about strategy, including this one about why strategy is import, and touched on strategy in this article about the digital process.

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